What is a Porcelain Dental Bridge?

When one or several teeth are missing, not only is the gap left behind unsightly, it is also unhealthy over the long term. The surrounding teeth will eventually shift to fill in the gap, which can lead to additional dental health issues and even further tooth loss. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy the situation. One such way is using a porcelain fixed bridge to permanently replace them.

A bridge consists of several artificial teeth that are made to look like natural teeth in shape size and color. The bridge is anchored permanently to the natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth site to provide a seamless “bridge” that fills in the gap. The benefit of this type of bridge is that it is fixed (not removable), very sturdy and can last for many years if cared for properly. Additionally, because the bridge looks like natural teeth, it is virtually undetectable.

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Why is a Porcelain Fixed Bridge a great solution for missing teeth?

Not only is a fixed bridge a good alternative to a partial denture it offers numerous other benefits: