Is Sugar Something To Be Scared Of?

It’s hard to believe that October is here already and Halloween is right around the corner. This holiday is one enjoyed by adults and children alike. While children love trick-or-treating, adults also love an opportunity to dress up and head to Halloween parties. One ingredient that seems to be in most items enjoyed at Halloween is sugar. It is in everything from your favorite candy and desserts to your favorite cocktail. Aside from decay, sugar can cause other oral health complications. Continue reading to learn more.

You’re In Control Of Your Oral Health!

I think we can all agree that the past few years have thrown many challenges our way, and things may seem like they are out of our control. No matter how frustrating the circumstances of the world at this time, such as the economy and inflation may be, there are certain aspects of our lives that we can control, such as our oral health. If you are realizing that it has been some time since your last oral hygiene examination and cleaning, I recommend scheduling your next appointment today. There is no better time than the present to take control of your oral health and ensure that you do not need any additional treatments or procedures. Delaying routine care can lead to added expenses and serious oral health complications in your future. Read on to learn more.

Could You Have This Common & Damaging Oral Disease?

When was the last time you visited the office for a hygiene examination and cleaning? Maintaining routine appointments is essential for your long term oral health. Our teeth are designed to last a lifetime when they are cared for properly. However, the length of time between visits will have a direct correlation between the health of your mouth and the need for dental intervention. When my team and I are not able to regularly inspect and clean your mouth, harmful and long-lasting diseases can develop and disrupt your oral health. One condition in particular affects a great number of my patients and oftentimes remains undetected when routine dental care is avoided. Continue reading to learn more about this silent condition.

You Could Have This Common Disease And Not Even Know It

We often stress the importance of maintaining routine hygiene examinations and regularly encourage patients to reflect on their last visit to our office and schedule an appointment as needed. During these appointments, we do more than clean your teeth and inspect for decay. We also check your mouth for indications of other serious conditions that can greatly affect your current and future oral health. One such disease affects approximately half of American adults at some part in their lives, so there is a large chance you might be suffering and be unaware. Read on to learn more.

How Stress Impacts Your Oral Health

It’s hard to believe that we are already a month into 2022. We hope that you are having a peaceful start to the new year and finding time to relax. We know that life can easily become overwhelming and stressful with work, family obligations, sports and other activities. Not only does a hectic schedule and added stress affect your overall health, it can also affect your oral health as well. Continue reading to learn if you are experiencing stress-related trauma in your mouth.

Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

Now that December has arrived and the temperatures are cooler in Texas, we know that many of our patients have switched to enjoying hot beverages during the brisk mornings. Do you find that your teeth are extremely sensitive when drinking or eating something with drastic temperatures, such as hot coffee or cold milk in your cereal? If so, you are experiencing a condition that, although common, can be a sign that you may have a serious oral health concern that needs to be addressed. Read on to learn more.

Dental Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy During the Holiday Season

It is hard to believe that November has already arrived and the holiday season is right around the corner. Before we know it, we will be ringing in the start of 2022! We know that many of our patients are busy during the holidays spending time with family and friends, attending holiday parties, and even traveling to visit relatives. We want to help you maintain your oral health during the upcoming holiday season. Here are some tips to help your oral health.

Need A Checkup?

When was the last time you visited our office for a hygiene examination and cleaning? We know that many of our patients are still playing catch up from all of the events over the past year. This is your gentle reminder to call and schedule an appointment today if it has been longer than six months since we last saw you. The longer you delay your exam the greater the possibility of experiencing unnecessary discomfort and added expense from issues such as undetected decay. We are seeing a number of patients with problems that are typically detected during routine appointments. Continue reading to learn more about what delaying examinations can do to your oral health.

What to Expect During Your First Visit to Our Office

At Edward Estrada, DDS, we always welcome new patients with open arms. We know that coming to a new dentist’s office can be a little nerve-racking and overwhelming, especially if the dentist isn’t your favorite place to visit. Our goal is to have you leave our office feeling like we are old friends. We also want to stress that we are not concerned with the current state of your oral health or the last time you visited a dentist. We want you to feel comfortable from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave our office.

Don’t Delay That Treatment Any Longer

Did we notice some tooth decay during your last visit and recommended that you schedule an appointment to have it filled? If you have delayed scheduling an appointment, we suggest calling today. We know that it can be nerve-racking for certain patients to have dental work performed. If you fall into this category, we want to reassure you that, with today’s technology, having a cavity filled is a walk in the park. To ease some of the anxiety, It can be helpful for patients to understand the steps of their upcoming treatment. Continue reading to learn more about the steps of a filling and why it is important to schedule your appointment sooner rather than later.