Have You Scheduled Your Year-End Checkup Yet?

We don’t know how you feel, but we cannot believe that it is already October! This year seems to be flying by, and before we know it, December will be over, and we will be starting 2024! Before we can worry about that, we know there is a lot left to accomplish this year. So, when was the last time you and your family members visited our office for a routine oral hygiene examination? If it has been longer than six months, then you are due! There is no time like the present to schedule your appointment. We want to be able to see you before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. Read on to learn about another reason you should schedule a visit this fall.

Is Sugar Something To Be Scared Of?

It’s hard to believe that October is here already and Halloween is right around the corner. This holiday is one enjoyed by adults and children alike. While children love trick-or-treating, adults also love an opportunity to dress up and head to Halloween parties. One ingredient that seems to be in most items enjoyed at Halloween is sugar. It is in everything from your favorite candy and desserts to your favorite cocktail. Aside from decay, sugar can cause other oral health complications. Continue reading to learn more.

How Stress Impacts Your Oral Health

It’s hard to believe that we are already a month into 2022. We hope that you are having a peaceful start to the new year and finding time to relax. We know that life can easily become overwhelming and stressful with work, family obligations, sports and other activities. Not only does a hectic schedule and added stress affect your overall health, it can also affect your oral health as well. Continue reading to learn if you are experiencing stress-related trauma in your mouth.

Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

Now that December has arrived and the temperatures are cooler in Texas, we know that many of our patients have switched to enjoying hot beverages during the brisk mornings. Do you find that your teeth are extremely sensitive when drinking or eating something with drastic temperatures, such as hot coffee or cold milk in your cereal? If so, you are experiencing a condition that, although common, can be a sign that you may have a serious oral health concern that needs to be addressed. Read on to learn more.

Don’t Let Your Dental Benefits Go To Waste!

Would you ever consider taking a bag full of money and throwing it in the garbage? Of course you wouldn’t! You would never willingly take money and throw it away, but you may be doing just that and not realize it. Can you remember the last time that you visited our office for a hygiene examination? If it has been longer than six months, then you may be wasting your dental insurance, which is essentially throwing money away. Most dental insurance benefits end on December 31st. Not using as much of your insurance as you can is wasting money that you have paid out in advance. Continue reading to learn more about why you should use your benefits before they expire.

Common Dental Questions

Many of our patients have a desire to get a better understanding of dental issues and the aspects of their oral health. Dr. Estrada and his team are truly passionate about dental care and are dedicated to helping their patients in every way possible. Our team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about dentistry and oral health to help our patients become better informed.

One More Reason Why Hygiene Exams Are So Important

Did you know that we do more than clean your teeth and check for tooth decay during a hygiene examination? We also inspect for gum disease and oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are extremely important and take only moments to complete. These screenings can make a world of difference if it leads to cancer being detected early. Continue reading to learn if you are at risk for developing oral cancer.

How To Handle A Dental Emergency When You’re Far From Home

Summer is just around the corner, and we don’t know about you, but we are excited! We are looking forward to relaxing summer days, spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and taking a much-needed vacation. Last summer, many of us had to cancel summer travel plans, but this year, travel seems to be a possibility once more. While it’s never something fun to think about, there is always the potential for a dental emergency while traveling this summer. We want to give you some tips to help ensure that you are prepared should an emergency arise. Read on to learn more.

Are You Affected By Gum Disease?

We recommend that our patients visit our office every six months for a routine hygiene examination. You might be surprised to learn that during your exam we do more than clean and check your teeth for tooth decay. In fact, tooth decay is not the number one oral health issue that affects a large percentage of American adults—it is gum disease. Approximately half of American adults are affected by gum disease in some way. Gum disease is a serious gum infection, accompanied by inflammation, caused by bacterial growth along the gumline and around the base of the tooth. Gum disease is extremely serious due to its quiet but destructive nature. Unlike tooth decay, gum disease does not cause discomfort and, at times, does not present itself until immediate treatment is needed.